Sebastian Benjamin Reichl
UX Designer, Illustrator, Graphic designer
Originally from Salzburg, Austria, Sebastian spent the last several years in Graz, where he studied Information Design at the University of Applied Sciences.
With a knack for drawing and creative tasks since his childhood he quickly developed into a jack of all trades, but eventually focused his attention on User Interaction design. Creating experiences for other people to enjoy was always one of his passions in life.
His other creative hobby are his illustrations. With him being drawn to quirky characters, colorful stories and the occasional dash of sinisterness many of his works feature exactly that.
Currently based in Graz, Austria.
Curriculum Vitae
2020 – present
AVL List GmbH
User Experience Designer
Senior UX Designer, designing highly technical software
Graz, Austria
Politecnico di Milano
Interaction Design Student
Exchange semester
Master of Arts degree
Milan, Italy
2018 – present
University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Graz
Interaction Design Student
University of Applied Sciences
Master of Arts degree
Graz, Austria
2012 — 2020
Senior Designer
Senior Designer , creating User Experiences and print designs
Graz, Austria
University of Applied Sciences Joanneum Graz
Bachelor of Arts
Thesis in User Interface Design
Graduation with distinction
Graz, Austria
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