I am Sebastian Benjamin Reichl, an interaction designer and illustrator based in Vienna, Austria.

AVL – iGEM Vita
User Interface AVL VITA 2™ is a scheduling module that supports highly automated and safe emission testing workflows. It enables the control and monitoring of scheduled tasks for emission tests and the routine diagnostic checks required by legislation or quality control. Part of my work @ AVL List GmbH
Master's Thesis / Video Game Concept Creating a concept for an educational mobile game, with the goal of teaching teenagers about Austrian politics, and motivate and animate them to vote! This project included extensive research into the psychology of voting and how to use games and gamification to engage with young people. The result, a scientific view behind the motivation of voting, a working game design document, and a click prototype became part of this master's thesis. #getoutthevote
Constantly Forward
Video Game A team of five students, we were tasked with creating a video game. As team leader and lead designer I was responsible for creating the concept and idea of the game. I was also in charge of art direction and creating the necessary game graphics and assets. The video game was developed in Unity, for computers and touch devices.
Trenitalia Redesign Concept
Website Redesign Concept In this university project, our group was tasked with redesigning the trenitalia website. Our focus was set on the ticket ordering and purchasing process. As senior designer I was in charge of conception and UI design.
hmi – Smart Home App
Mobile App UI Design for a Smart Home application on mobile devices. As lead designer, I was responsible for conception and UX design.
Mobile App Idea, concept, design and prototype of a mobile app, that helps people to coordinate with friends. As lead designer, I was responsible for conception and UX design.
Mobile App An app designed for the Graz International Airport's ground crews. As lead designer, I was responsible for conception and design – whollistically. Part of my work @ EN GARDE
Cutting Edge – Game Concept
Video Game Concept This game concept was created for the a company specialized in manufacturing airplane components. The goal of this project was to create a fun little game to engage visitors at the company's trade show booth. As lead designer, I was responsible for conception and design – whollistically. Part of my work @ EN GARDE
A website dedicated to making digitized, old books readable through your browser. As lead designer, I was responsible for the concept, the and the UX/UI design. Part of my work @ EN GARDE
A modern depiction of a historic event, this map shows the beginning phase of the German attack on Verdun in the spring of 1916. Poster printed on A1
Flat Out War
Showing an "infographical" depiction of major wars and their outcome. A rough tally shows who won, who lost and the respective dead, injured or captured. A short summary helps to introduce some historical context. Posters printed on A1
The Agency
A design agency, reimagined as figures in a card game. Posters printed on A2
Character designs for various purposes.
Illustrations and editorial design of a B2B brochure of a Swiss eyeglasses wholesaler. As lead designer, I was responsible for the editorial design, the overal design and the illustrations. Part of my work @ EN GARDE
Various Posters
Various Posters, created for a multitude of reasons.
Like Animals
A series of illustrations. Each animal represents a unique person.
The Future Light Cone
Physics poster. Poster printed in A1
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