Part of a student group project, we were tasked with creating a digitial interface for the easymaster Smart Home system, by HMI-Master. The project ended up among the two chosen designs by the client.
The task was not only to think of a concept and create a design for the interface, but also to build and present a prototype for the client and further testing. The latter was accomplished by using protopie to create a interactive prototype.
Card based interface
One of the main challenges of the design was to accomodate the all the different possible rooms in the house. This was achieved by building the whole app on a card based structure. Each room has its own card. The cards sport a customizable title, illustration and several quick infos, as well as a quick select button to set the rooms ambience. 
When clicking on the card, the card unfolds and the user switches to the "room view". There they can control all the single elements in the room: lamps, blinds, radiators, electrical smart devices etc. Different input methods where devised to provide a intuitive way of controlling each device.

Quick actions can be defined as shortcuts. For example, to lock all the doors and shut the blinds when leaving the house.

A night mode is essential for a Smart Home app and was also designed.

Flexible Design
Support for many different device groups was also a focus during the design. As such, tablet layouts were considered as well. These can also be mounted at the wall, as part of the Smart Home system.
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