This project's goal was to come up with a completely new and unique idea for an app. Going though all the preliminary stages of research, creating personas and ideating the team ended up with a first design and prototype ready for development.
Grouper is an app that is used to create spontaneous gatherings and get-togethers with friends. Imagine you are on your way downtown and you feel like going for coffee later. With one click, create a new group and let others now about your plan. Your friends will see your "coffee get-together" and can invite themselves to it. 

The users log in using Facebook, or similar social media accounts. This is for security reasons as well as to get friend connections going from the get go.

Switching through Groups in the vicinity is like flipping through a stack of cards. Swiping left the user sees all the events they are participating in.

The middle screen shows all friend events in the vicinity, while swiping left shows all events the user is participating in. The Group has a title, description, date and location. It also shows who else is coming and can be used to have simple polls and a simple chat for the participants.

Simplicity is key
The main focus for Grouper was simplicity. Creating, finding and joining a group must be as simple as possible in order to be of benefit for the users. Events have a limit description characters, much like tweets. In addition, they should be planned spontaneously, which is why it’s not possible to create events more than 72 hours in advance.

Creating a new event is as simple as dragging the Grouper button on the calendar.

Creating a new event is as simple as a swipe with the thumb.

Add a group name, description text and a location for your gathering.

Process is progress
Besides creating a design and prototype, this work was also an exercise in research and ideation techniques. Concepts had to be developed, wireframes and rough sketches gave birth to early paper-prototypes and user testing. Low fidelity wireframes were created and tested and refined further before the first, "designed pixel" was put in place.

Concept ideas, sketches and low-fi wireframes.

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