The goal of the game is to quickly follow the instructions on screen, as
precisely as possible, to fold your own paper airplane. During the course of the game the player unlocks more paper plane models. These later models are more difficult to build and complete.
The game uses a small collection of predefined gestures to fold the paper planes. Gestures like pinching, swiping along a straight line, two finger rotating and flipping. Each model takes the player through several steps to fold the final plane. In each step the game prompts the player to perform one of these actions as precise and as quick as possible. The faster and more accurate the gestures are performed, the higher the score the game awards the player at the end.
Competitive motivation
As an additional reward, the game then let's the player launch their plane into the "real world". By using the devices camera the player can flip the plane, to launch it. Based on the score i.e. how perfectly the plane is folded, the plane flies across the earth, racking up kilometers. In the end, a world map is shown, depicting the flight path of the plane, how far it has flown in comparison to major cities, continents etc. Also on that map are other player's planes.
Originally intended to be only used at the company's trade show booth, it is also constructed to work as a standalone app for users to download and play in private. To increase replayability, new plane models can be periodically introduced. Additional game modes were conceived–like a turbulence mode, where the paper shakes uncontrollably while folding, or a red-eye-flight mode, where the screen goes periodically dark for short periods of time.
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